Welcome to Strips of Honey’d Leather


My name is Natasha York. I’m a young writer who lives in the middle of Kentucky, in a place you’ve probably never heard of. I live with my family– which consists of my mother, my father, and my brother– and my herd of cats, and I have a basically steady job working at an Amazon.com warehouse.

I have many open projects at various stages of progression, and I absorb hobbies like nobody’s business, but my primary mode of entertainment is the literary word, be it as an imported subject or an exported one.

I have never had a blog before, specifically. However, I have noticed that blogging is a good way for writers to keep track of their work and help keep themselves actually attached to it, which is important to me. Therefor, so mote it be: Blogs!

Beyond writing, any of my other hobbies may end up featured here, albeit hopefully not as much as writing. I hope you enjoy.