About the Author: Cinderella

When I was a little girl, my favorite movie was Disney’s Cinderella.

It was a long time ago that I was that young, of course, and while the movie in question is still quite special to me, it’s no longer my favorite Disney movie. But it occurred to me yesterday at work that there might have been a reason it was my favorite; nuances that I had been keen to as a child, but too young to comprehend properly or name.

There were the obvious things any young girl might be attached to, of course; princesses, magic, princes, true love. Obviously I loved it for those reasons. But it’s only into adulthood that my perception of the movie changes a bit, and I begin to pick out the smaller things, such as how Cindy worked so hard to please her family, even if they were not of her blood. How she dedicated herself to doing as good a job as she could with the jobs she was given– not necessarily in hopes of receiving praise or anything, but just because they had to be done, and no one else in the family was going to do them.

How, come the time of the ball, when she wanted to go and was denied– she bent but did not break.

And in the end, all her hard work paid off.

It’s not about how she got married to the prince and became a princess, nowdays. That’s not what’s most important to me. What’s most important is that she didn’t let her family, stepmother and stepsisters that they were, break her in half; that she didn’t let them stop her from succeeding in life, as was the plan.

She loved them. They were her family, and she loved them. But she was strong enough not to be trampled on despite that, to know what she wanted (to go to the ball) and do it. It took a little help from someone else– sometimes things in life do– but ultimately the fairy godmother would have been able to do nothing at all, if Cinderella hadn’t really wanted to go.

Cinderella is not my favorite Disney movie now, but it will always be important to me. It taught me so much as a child, both obviously and subliminally. It shaped the way I grew up, and the way I live my life, even in non-obvious methods. A part of me is always going to want to be Cinderella, too; to meet the prince and fall in love and get married, not to be taken care of my whole life but because every girl wants to be someone’s princess just a little in the depths of our hearts and I am no exception at all.

But more importantly, a part of me already IS Cinderella: Bowed but unbroken.



Newspost: Christmas is in Full Swing

NaNoWriMo has been officially over for five days now.

I beat it. Moreover, I managed to do it in my allotted twenty. Due to the weirdness of Amazon’s work-system, I finished on the twentieth, no less! Talk about a victory party here at my house. I eked over the line in the early morning on the twentieth day, validated my novel, and went to bed. I spent what days I didn’t work in the remaining ten of NaNo boosting a close friend and encouraging her to pass the goal; she made it on the twenty-ninth.

We both made it, but oh, what a month. Wow.

I’ve already ordered our victory shirts.

And today I finished ordering Christmas gifts for the year. Cost me barely fifty dollars, that last one; but everyone will have something under the tree.

I still have a whole slew of Christmas cards to finish– that’s a project for later today– but the heaviest ones, those with the most time consuming letters, are done. There were three of them. It took me all day yesterday.

This is what I get for writing to friends in other languages. Meep.

I’m still waiting for two others to get back to me with their addresses, and for my brother to give me his route concerning his Christmas trek, so I can decide exactly how many more stamps I need and how much money I have to put in the tin. Three of my cards cross the American boarder, and so they take more expensive stamps. But the ladies getting those cards are my friends, and I’m willing to pay the extra.

There’s a young woman who rides home after work with my mother and me (she works my mother’s shift) every evening; I think I’ll give her a card this year. Sounds like she could use with a pick-me-up, from what I’ve heard.

But! When I’ve finally finished with the Christmas cards– I think I can get back to writing. That’s a goal. I owe Everybody role-playing tags yet, and while they’re pretty considerate during NaNoWriMo, I like to balance novel-writing and RP during the rest of the year.

Good news about the Novel though! NaNoWriMo bumped me up to a proper 37148 words in the first draft; turns out a lot of what I wrote in NaNo wont fit in the novel proper, since it’s all written from the perspective of characters I’m not following, and it covers scenes that the main characters don’t see. It’s wonderful to know what’s going on though, it’ll help me track my plot-lines easier!

Maybe I can haul it up to 40k by New Years. I can try!