News Update: 3/16/2015

It seems I’ve been neglecting the blog even more than I’ve been neglecting my novel. Whoops. Well, lets remedy that, shall we?

Blog post: Novel news.

In April, starting April first of all days, I am participating in Camp NaNoWriMo in hopes to hunker down and get some scenes actually put to paper. This is the plan, and by mercy, I’ll do it, just you watch me. I will!

But April is still some odd days away, and I’m not going to wait around for it. Still, I need to put my plans down in plain view, or else I might begin to stray once more. Can’t have that!

Year Goal: 365,000+
Progress to Date: 43
To Go: 364,957
Meep. I’ve done a lot of revising of the novel, but I don’t actually count that! Moving on!

Camp April: 30,000+
Progress to Date: 0
To Go: 30,000
Guys. April isn’t here yet!

Novel Projection: 1,000,000
Progress to Date: 37,152
To Go: 962,848
Yeah, you read that right. Even though I’ve worked on this for two NaNos, and did 50k in each, turns out, most of those words aren’t actually worth keeping after a run-over with the review steamer, or they follow characters and scenes that the book isn’t actually allowed to see. Of course. But it is moving forward, which is amazing all on it’s own.

Good news is, Arc One is done. The major hurdles I had to work through– fight scenes, incidentally, are the worst– took their own place and time to occur, and took forever, no less. But I am entirely satisfied with the results.

What am I doing tonight?

Well, tonight I’m writing a blog post to tell the world how lazy I am. Tomorrow is grocery shopping, during which I will be writing a book review, and after of which I will be working on cleaning the house. Reading a book– well, finishing reading the book– has given me a boost in creative energy that was sorely needed to spur me onward.

Another huge ego polish was recently passing my one-hundredth day in my language studies. Why is this relevant? Maybe it’s not, maybe it is. Nobody really knows. But it’s an intensely satisfying feeling.

Now, I’m going to go reread my manuscript for plot-holes to exploit in the next arc. Later!