The Belated Valentine

In case it’s been missed, it’s still February. I managed to hijack myself to the blog again! Boon! I feel like I deserve a cookie, but I’ve no cookies to give myself, so I’ll just drink my coffee instead.

February is the Month of Love according to some people. Lots of people get engaged on the fourteenth, ala Valentine’s Day; and just as many people find sweethearts to spend time with. Some many more are like me: I’m single.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m happily single. I’ve no great urge to go trying to change this on account of a few wishes and the scheming of my relatives. I don’t really understand this great and driving urge to break yourself on stones to make other people like you, want you, or otherwise decide you’re perfect. Gods know I’m not. So I’m single. And I’m going to be happy about that despite society shoving anatomically incorrect hearts into my face.

Our local Walmart was doing before Christmas. (I originally wrote that as Warmart and now I have Ideas, oops. Still though, imagine, a store that sells antiquated weaponry and armor, various heraldry abounding. I want it. I have a thing for armor. One day, I will build myself a set.)

But then again, Walmart had Christmas trees set out before Halloween, too. I can’t blame them terribly for being terribly, hideously confused about the season.

It’s an interesting thing to see though, a nifty way to study the human mind, society. As a writer, these things interest me more than they probably aught to. I like to know what makes people tick. And it’s important to me, also, to understand the marketing schemes of companies, especially those which sell to individual consumers. It’s companies like these that will one day be selling my books to thousands, I’m hopeful. So aside from the writing standpoint, I have to know how and why they do things from a business view.

From a business view, it makes sense. From a writing view, I am very curious as to the reasoning behind this; clearly some people like it because it gives them more shopping time. Then again, these are the same people that cause riots over Black Friday, for which I will be thankful to never, ever work again as long as I live, cross my fingers. Sometimes I can bend my mind around the alien thought process, but usually I’m left grasping for comprehension.

So anyway, I’m single, and I spend a lot of time trying to fathom not-single people. But being single doesn’t stop me from celebrating the holiday in kind.

Usually– usually— my mother buys those little candy hearts for me, the ones that (supposedly) taste like chalk, with the letters on them? Those are my favorites. We also celebrate by buying stuffed toys for one another. This year, my mother bought my brother and I teddy-bears– which is somewhat the standard, when we can afford it– and my mother and I splurged on each other by buying one of those plus toys in little cups. Because she’s my teacher, I bought her one that clearly says #1 Teacher, with a little puppy in it. In turn, I got one with a little bear in glasses touting “Talk Nerdy To Me” and being properly adorable. I love it, let me tell you.

But as always, Valentine’s Day and it’s celebration fell in the middle of Lupercalia.

Now, I couldn’t tell you how the holiday was celebrated once upon a time. It’s a Roman holiday celebrating the wolf-mother of Romulus and Remus, the founders of the great nation certainly not built in a day. I also couldn’t tell you how people celebrate it in modern times if they don’t celebrate it in the same method I do. Because I write.

Some odd years ago, a writer started a festival. Psychic Wolves for Lupercalia. I heard about it off the bat, but it took me a few weeks to get my hands on an account on the posting site, Archive Of Our Own, or Ao3 for short. Still, I wrote for it. I’ve written for it every year. The premise is to apply Giant Psychic Wolves to various fandoms. It’s actually super fun, and runs for three days from February 13th to February 15th.

This year, a friend from my NaNoWriMo cohort joined me in my holiday. Between the two of us, we cranked out one and a half dozen different fics, rocking out a combined total of more than fifty thousand words. Most of the fics were sanitary, in as much as the universe in question and the spirit of the festival permit. Some of them are even safe for children. Most of them are neither. But they were fun to write.

Writing festivals like Lupercalia and NaNoWriMo draw a sense of community to writing. Usually you write on your own, or you seem to. But the truth is there are thousands of people out there writing with you, just like there are thousands of people out there dating and thousands out there single.

…I really don’t know where I was going with this post. But I like writing, and I like it more than I like people, nine times out of ten.

There is nothing wrong with being single. Never think that you have to date someone to be complete, or that you have to date someone to be ‘in’ and meet society’s standards. You can still be with people during the holidays, even Valentine’s day, without ever having to have a sweetheart or a spouse.

Sometimes, a good friend works the best.


My Life As Is: 2/1/2016

So NanoWriMo came and went, taking November with it. Thus began Wintereenmas, the three-month gamer holiday for which I am always invariably super excited.

I’ve spent it mostly writing, so far. And trying new games that I hadn’t previously gotten around to, many of which I got for Christmas.

Christmas netted me a major videogame haul, but of course I was trying to pull a lot of overtime at work and of course we use wood heat, so I didn’t get to play as much as I wanted. Then of course New Years arrived, and left again, heralding in the New Year and touting a lot of resolutions that I’m slowly tucking in.

January started my 1000-word a day trauma. I netted nearly 40k in the month alone, but some of it was agony. I also started another job, bringing me up to three of them. The pay varies by how much time I put into it, but it’s comparatively good, and it’s doing things that I already do anyway.

Of course, now it’s February 1st.

On top of everything else, I’m starting school again. I’ve also resolved to finish my craftwork; I’ve got two started scarves, and I definitely need to finish one. One of them is for selling, after all, and the other’s supposed to be a gift.

This month I have Lupercalia, more work, and 29 days for which I have to write 1000 words. Let’s see how well I can do, yeah?

I’m also going to try to blog more. I’ve got an avid blogger to keep me on task now. Meep.