Book Review: Everything Is Going To Kill Everybody: The Terrifyingly Real Ways The World Wants You Dead by Robert Brockway


Everything Is Going To Kill Everybody: The Terrifyingly Real Ways The World Wants You Dead by Robert Brockway
Finished Reading: October 17th, 2016
Review Date: 10/20/2016
Format: Paperback, Three Rivers Press (Crown Publishing), Copyright 2010, First Edition

So I spotted this book for the first time back when it first came out, because I was working as a stockgirl in a warehouse, pulling this off shelves and out of boxes to eventually ship out to customers. And I decided that it was a great concept, especially when I took the precious few moments out of my work to skim the back of it.

I have a great personal fondness for natural disasters, for which the book is chalk full, though “natural” is a little flexible in some cases. It may be easier to say, progressional disasters. It’s a very neat little book, if infused with some truly dirty humor, that presents the disaster, follows the logical conclusions of how it may end a very serious disaster, and reminds you of points you may have missed previously.. or references disasters you haven’t read on yet.

The book is broken up neatly into segments, with two or three different sub chapters in each of the larger ones, ranging from how to make green energy terrifying to how to make green goo being somewhat more terrifying. Soylent green, anybody?

It also includes a bibliography in the back, pointing you to where the author gathered his information, and between this and the narrative of the book, you are somewhat heavily encouraged to go do more research on the topics at hand, or alternatively put your head between your knees and wait to die. Eh, weirder things happen.

Even if you’re not interested in world-ending disasters nature can throw at you (or human beings are encouraging) that doesn’t mean the book wont do you will. Authors can find a great measure of things using this book as a reference, students may find writing papers easier if they have this on hand, and script writers may find a great many ideas for horror films.

I’m very glad to have a copy, no matter how “outdated” it may seem, being written back in 2010 for disasters that could occur in the “near future”. On the other hand, I have the greatest urge to go find out if Solaren ever did manage to make their super hurricane summoning machine and track different mega-tsunamis around the globe.

Heavily recommended!


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Movie Review: Suicide Squad (2016)


Suicide Squad (2016)

Have I reviewed this yet? I don’t think I have. Whoops. Better get on that, methinks!

Oh man though. I could do such gushing about this movie. I won’t of course, because I’m sure no one wants to hear me scream like a schoolgirl in absolute and defiant glee. I suppose I’ll go ahead and dial it down to contented fan, and leave it about there. Sound like a plan? Smashing.

I have almost nothing but praise for this movie. Almost. Turns out that the Joker being in love is kind of creepy. Go figure. Even though the acting for the Joker was spot-on (and thus why it was creepy) I did come into this movie with the plan of watching bad guys be good guys, not for hair-raising on-point acting that compels me to read too much into psychology and character motives. I am, however, glad not to live in Gotham. Again.

However! This movie was amazing from start to finish, even including all my what the actuals I got from watching some of the character interaction. For which I had many. So well worth it though.

If you haven’t had a chance to see the movie yet, I recommend it for a great many reasons. The least of which is a diverse cast of well-rounded actors, all of whom appear more or less the “next gen” from those I grew up watching as a child. (Showing my age here: I grew up on the likes of Steven Seagal, Danny Trejo, Clint Eastwood, Robin Williams, and Samuel L Jackson.) I look forward to seeing a lot of these younger actors in new works, but of course those I witnessed as a child will never fail to have a special place in my heart.

So, back to Suicide Squad. Suicide Squad seems to be the realm’s first Big Attempt at the Justice League, before the DC Movie Universe starts it’s Justice League. It’s Amanda Waller’s pet project, to take the world’s worst of super-villains and meta-humans who’ve already been put in prison and give them a shiny new deal: time off your sentence for doing good deeds. Except, uh, you could die (will probably die) and also no one gets to know you’re doing it. Not the super-heroes. Not your families. Not the world. We’ll make the concession that the guy you’re being deployed with gets to know, but that’s about it.

Also if you try to run away, your head will explode. Behave!

Extremely quick but no less fatal death is apparently an excellent motivator when one of Waller’s chained not-a-heroes figures out the work-around and starts a giant trash compactor in the sky to take over the world. Leashing age-old goddesses who are used to being worshiped and respected and in charge apparently has drawbacks. Who knew?

I have a favorite character in this movie. Diablo. Not that the other characters aren’t great. They totally are. Harley Quinn, for instance, is absolutely boss, and I loved seeing Deadshot and his interactions with the rest of the group. Killer Croc and his collection of divers. Boomerang and his great desire to apparently get everybody killed. But Diablo. Diablo. Oh man.

He doesn’t want to hurt anyone anymore, though he is more than capable of it. He spends much of the movie going around with his hands in his pockets. And then when he takes them out and saves the day, everybody stands up to take notice. Or, rather, they duck. Or die. The man’s on fire.



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Movie Review: Home (2015)


Home (2015)

I had the recent luxury of watching this the other day, and I confess I was pleasantly surprised by how it turned out. I’m not actually sure what I was expecting with this, but it was still very much not this.

As with all my reviews, I will endeavor to avoid spoilers. Some people laugh at me for it– after all, with some things that are significantly older, why would you bother? But some people just haven’t gotten around to seeing them, and there’s no reason to ruin it before they even get started, right?


So. Let’s start off by saying that Home is a cute movie that I recommend, and yeah, you’ll see me rec a lot of things. But why this one? Well, honestly, why not? Home is a cute animated movie that the whole family can enjoy, done up with an ending moral; something that is so rarely seen in this day and age. It is well-paced and seems to hold the attention even of two year olds. Call it progress of the modern day, yeah?

But that doesn’t do a lot to tell anyone what it’s about, does it? Hm. Let’s see if we can remedy that, too.

So Home begins with the Boov. More specifically, it begins with a Boov named Oh, a slightly clumsy and over-eager misfit in the Boov society. The Boov are the best, of course, and they are especially the best at running away. The best at it. And today they’re running away again, and they’ve found a new home to run away to: Earth. It’s perfect and it took a long time to find.

There’s just a wee problem. It’s already inhabited! Eh, the humans there are backwards and not much more than animals, we’ll relocate them and teach our new friends how to live properly! It’ll be fine.

And it is. Except for w hat it says on the tin: they missed one. Oops.

After some.. minor issues concerning his housewarming party, Oh ends up in a pinch of trouble and teams  up with new friend Tip on a trip around the world to… well. Handle both their unfortunate issues: Tip in finding her family, and Oh in saving his. And hers. And everybody’s.

Oh made a huge mistake, alright? It was big. They were running away for a reason.

Along the way, both Oh and Tip both come to the realization that maybe they haven’t been entirely fair to each other and that, perhaps, maybe, there is more to learn about the Boov and Humans than they’ve been told or witnessed. But first they have to survive the Boov manhunt Oh started.


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News Update: October 5th

Today, I am twenty five, and tonight I will be twenty six.

Also I think I have a cold. Moving on.

As some of you may have noticed, my posting has slackened a bit. In my defense, winter is coming, and with winter comes a great number of winter holidays, winter jobs, winter sicknesses and the great desire to never see snow again. Also stress. So much stress.

Of course, I do hope to keep my once a week posting going, but I cannot promise it, just like I cannot truly promise that the sun will rise tomorrow. Catastrophe could happen, you know? What I can say is that I am fairly sure the sun will rise tomorrow, and that I think I can do once a week posting. I’m not nearly as prolific at it as some other writers I know, so we’ll see.

In the meantime, it’s the first week of October, which means NaNoWriMo– er, November– is right around the corner.

Now, I don’t know how many of my followers are doing it (I am still in awe that I have followers) or how many are doing other artsy-related things for November like Sketchvember, or how many people are doing things this month, like Plotober or Inktober or the like. I do know that whatever you plan to do, even if it’s just take the month off and relax, I wish you the best in it.

However, I am planning to do NaNoWriMo. I am slowly ticking through the last part of my book, and hope to have it finished when NaNo concludes. Cross my fingers, right? Right.

During NaNo proper, as I did for Camp NaNo, I will post once a week on Fridays with my weekly update slash cheer slash attempt to keep myself and others motivated. But as others who know me are likely aware, I will mostly become a hermit. Yeah, that happens. So if you don’t hear from me much during the winter, it’s because of that.


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