Just In Time: Christmas News

Christmas is less than a week away. Next week is the last week of the year– 2016 will be over. If I make it that far, all the way to December 31st, I will have made it to my goal: I will have done one thousand words every day for one year.

I don’t think I’ll put the same new year’s resolution for 2017, which doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do a resolution. But one thousand words was difficult, especially with the way this year went. I do have a new resolution in mind for 2017; I’m going to comb over my book and get it stamped with approval. My grandmother is interested in reading it– and I’m ready to move on to the next book. Which means I have to finish this climax first.

I’m going to try to do it before Christmas day (haha, good luck, self) since I know I’m going to end up incredibly distracted for the remaining week. New Year’s Cleaning, anybody?

Our New Years tradition is soda and coffee, and usually we buy some to just shove in the oven because that takes less time. This year, I think the current plan is to make it ourselves. I don’t know of any holidays that occur in January, aside from the Yearly Power Clean The House and lots of What Is That White Stuff On The Ground.

In February, we run from my mother’s birthday right into Lupercalia, and by chance halfway through Lupercalia occurs that Valentine’s Holiday people are so up in arms over. As a rule of thumb, I don’t participate in that one. A month from then is White Day, Valentine’s Day’s roommate’s celebration. I cannot remember what else is supposed to happen in March. Something important…

It doesn’t matter right now, and it wont until after New Years. But another important thing to cover in February is the Chinese New Year.

No one I know celebrates it. New years and different variations thereof are things that interest me, and I collect information about them much like I collect decks of cards and stray things. So much of other cultural holidays can give you insight into their worlds, and ever little bit can count, if you know how to pay attention.

I celebrate the Lunar New Year. Probably not the way the Chinese do, or other cultures if they also celebrate the Lunar New Years. I don’t do it by anything major, exactly. I try be outside to see the full moon of February, and barring that I try to watch it from my window, because let’s face it: the coldest month of the year is February, and it’s not like I’m watching shooting stars here. I really just like… to look at the moon.

So another New Years resolution is to see every new and full moon for 2017. I’ll start in January, I think, partly to help me track it and partly because it’s technically 2017, and I’ll go until I see the cycle over in February 2018. The calculated odds of me managing to pull this resolution off is slim to none, but I’ll try it. Can’t hurt to try?

Pick yourself a few resolutions. See if you can make it. Make a couple resolutions– a couple big, a couple small, so you don’t feel too bad if you have to give one or two of them up. But try. You’ll be pleasantly content when you pull one off.


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Movies That Hijack the Brain

There are not that many shows that give me longstanding grief, that mess with with my mind and give me issues with paranoia and fear.

Movies aren’t supposed to do that, you wouldn’t figure. But some of them did. Some of them still do.

Once a year for Halloween we watch Hocus Pocus, which isn’t so bad, but we also watch Stephen King’s It. This movie messed me up. I can’t look at clowns the same way. It bothers me. I understand clowns are supposed to be funny. I understand lots of kids love them. I.. I think I could do clowns if there’s more than one clown? Like the circus. Clowns in the circus would be greats.

Singular clowns itch at me a little, because of It.

Most movies don’t do that, even among proper horror venues. Turn regular things into stuff that tickles the lizard hind-brain and kicks the flight or fight reflex into high gear. But It did it.

You know what else did it?


This guy.

This guy has ruined ice cream guys. He ruined the ice cream jingle.

I don’t watch too many movies that ruin innocent things. I regret that I love both It and Legion as much as I do, because I know that they will reinforce this image in my head. But they’re both well done movies, and one day I’ll write reviews on them. Probably not too long from now. We’ll see. I have to gather up enough guts to go watch them again first.

I’m curious to see what movies messed with other people, anything that’s bothered you so much you can’t look at things the same way again. Any recommendations will be whole-heartedly welcome, as well.


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Movie Review: Cowboys vs Dinosaurs (2015)


Cowboys vs Dinosaurs (2015)

Once upon a time ago, back when I had my first vacation, I went to the movies and I watched Cowboys & Aliens, among others, and this started an atypical love affair with curious movies of curious venues. Previously I had heard of Cowboys vs Dinosaurs, but had no way of knowing what it was about beyond the obvious, and no way of getting my hands on it to see it for myself.

However, that has since changed, otherwise I could not realistically be doing a movie review on it, could I?

So I did manage to find it, and I do recommend it, as I do most (all?) things. If you’re a fan of dinosaur movies, or cowboy movies, and you want to try something new? It can’t hurt to give it a try. On the other hand… this movie is about dinosaurs surviving through Science and Nature into the modern day, and it does take a significant suspension of disbelief to sit through the whole movie.

Several of the heroes who reasonably do not deserve to die end up kicking the dirt, and some people who do deserve to die take forever doing it, and some who deserve to die but do not deserve to die in that way die in… well, that way. Some people, however, die deaths of dubious redeeming qualities, so I can get behind those.

The story starts out in a mine, hunting for… iridium, I think  it was? There is an accident in the mines which I do not feel guilty telling, because it occurs in the first twenty minutes of the movie and is titled in the name itself, releases dinosaurs. This releases a prehistoric Apocalypse on a small town ill equipped to handle a flock of seagulls– er, velociraptors.

This movie has a fair bit of Jurassic Park feel to it, while also managing to seem distinct in it’s own right and not rip anything off. There is an attempt to Science while the dinosaurs are alive, which leaves me with more questions than the Science manages to answer, but nevertheless  it is apparent that they did try. There’s at least three instances where I asked “but how?” and no answer was readily forthcoming.

That said, I was very pleased by the sheer intelligence of several of the characters involved in this show, and the ever-accurate depiction of someone heavily paranoid and well stocked in ammunition and common sense. Characters do not run rampant and get themselves wholesale slaughtered- or, at least, few do, and none of whom are named members of the cast.

I would never call this my absolute favorite dinosaur movie, but for crossover X versus Y, I do think it’s doing pretty well on it’s venue.


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