Requesting Your Help

The GoFundMe page to Save My Home

I hate to ask for your help, but I need it.

When I was young, I moved into the home where I currently live. I was tiny and I didn’t know much better, and there was my mother, my father, my two brothers and me.

Unfortunately my father had a gypsy heart and wasn’t the sort who could stand to settle down– and what was worse, he didn’t believe in settling debts when he left. He convinced my mother to sell her place that had been paid for, the house I had been born in, and move from my home state, claiming that he would replace the home she had for something even better.

My mother believed him. We all did. We didn’t know, at the time, what he was like. That he would cut and run, run, run. As far as he could go.

He also didn’t believe in paying above the lowest choice on bills. When he finally cut and run, we worked out a budget to get it paid off in the next five years– and it was a good, solid plan. We’re two years into it. Except on New Years Eve 2016, we were told we have to crush it into the next three months, and there’s no way we can do that on our own. We just don’t have that much saved up.

The money I’m asking for is enough to pay off the house and land. The alternative is to move, and we’re desperate not to do that. It would take more to do that than it would to simply pay off the property, and I’ve lived here since I was a small girl. Getting your help means that I don’t have to move– that my family and I get to keep our home, that we don’t have to use our income tax to move.

I cannot tell you how grateful I would be for any help at all. If you can’t donate but you still want to help, please pray for me and my family, keep us in your hearts and send us good will. But if you can donate, if you can find it in your hearts to help us, I beg you, please help us keep our home.



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