Movie Review: Monsters vs. Aliens (2009)


Monsters vs Aliens (2009)

So I stayed away from this movie for a long, long time, because I thought it had something to do with Monsters Inc and I rather liked that movie, and I wasn’t prepared to let something ruin the sweetness at the time.

Turns out, I needn’t have bothered. Monsters vs Aliens has nothing to do with Monsters Inc. But there are monsters (though I use the term incredibly loosely; they’re kind of adorkable) and aliens (…subjective) and they are definitely fighting over something.

The main character is a young bride who didn’t even make it to her wedding night before things go terrible in her relationship; the party gets crashed in the first handful of minutes in the movie, and her reactions are kind of awesome and absolutely something I would probably do in the situation.

The movie has a little bit of adult humor for those of us who aren’t tiny anymore, while still keeping itself light-hearted and innocent enough for those who are. There are morals, too (morals!) which is something I always like to see touched on. “Don’t change yourself for another,” “You’re good as you are,” “It’s fine being different,” are all very good morals, and there are some other, more subtle ones that harken back to days of old and are a little out of my skill to articulate. Alas.

On the technical side, the graphics and screenplay were pretty impressive, and I really do approve of whoever the scriptwriter was for this. They did a good job. I’m going to have to look up who the voice-actors are too (because, although  I link you to the imdb page, I only read enough of it to confirm it was for the correct movie) because I’m desperately hopeful those people got a bunch of work, after.

Ah, Bob.


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