Quilting: Initial Quilt ICB

Recently my mother presented a challenge. Joy of joys, indeed. A friend of hers at work is due to have a son. This is amazing and we’re all super thrilled for her.

Now, as you know, I quilt. My mother also quilts. I’m not… the best at it, really, but I’m a dab hand. Usually we use a soft but relatively tight-knit material, not prone to stretching. Front and back are made of this, and there’s batting in the middle, because it’s a quilt, it’s supposed to be warm.

My mother had a bright idea and I love it. Fleece backing, fleece front. It is, however, hard to sew. One direction stretches and the other doesn’t. Super warm, though, and relatively easy to pull seams if you sew the wrong direction.


This Initial Quilt is custom made for the little guy. It made it to be 47″ x 56″ and is colored dark blue/navy, red, and yellow, white white for the letters proper. The backing is sports balls and stars, mostly blue. It’s tied with three colored string to hold front and back together, done in red, blue and yellow, stitched at the corner of four by four square blocks. Each square on the front started a little over two inches, I think, though it would take measuring my extra to know for sure.

My first part of the job was just to sew the front together into strips, make sure it didn’t get tangled up. It took me weeks. Fleece doesn’t really like to sew into small squares, especially if you plan to line them up accurately at the seams.

Still, we managed to get this whole thing done. Top sewed together, attached to the bottom. Then came the arduous job of tying. Comparatively, that flew by like nobody’s business.

The intended recipient for this quilt is yet unborn. It was given in care to his parents, who positively adored it. Because they do indeed already have their hands on it, I can post this up at last.

It was worth it.





What Natasha Does In Her Off Time: Quilting


What some of you don’t know is that I quilt. A lot. A craft more than I probably should, because I can, it’s practical, I build something with my time.

It is not, however, particularly profitable, because it turns out I don’t know how to market things. Go figure.

It’s not much of a marketplace, my blog. I don’t have a lot of followers, I don’t know a lot of people, and most of the followers I do have are writers, not shoppers. There’s not a lot of market for home-made quilts, either, especially in the coming summer. Nevertheless, I thought I’d give it a swing, maybe generate some interest. I know someone out there, somewhere, has a friend who has a friend. Someone is interested, somewhere.

Eventually I’ll make individual posts for these, along with future endeavors, which denote sizes and colors, materials, what is and is not for sale. If someone is interested in the meantime, I would be more than happy to answer all your questions.